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Dog Services

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Waterloo Pet Social offers boarding and training for all breeds, ages, and sizes of dog. We're known for our welcoming environment - when your dog stays with us they'll have that "never left home" feeling. We also create unique dog-centric social events to encourage proactive socialization and education that will help you take care of your pet companion and yourself!


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We believe your dog deserves to have the best time possible. Whether it’s for the day, overnight, or longer, we provide a safe and fun place for your pup to spend their time. With a range of activities tailored to your dog’s age, size and energy level, we guarantee each pup a unique and enjoyable experience. From stays as short as an hour to as long as a month - you do you and rest assured your doggo is safe and sound and having a blast.


3316 Cherrywood Rd Austin, TX 78722


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